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Submit Your Stories With Crave Local

Sometimes you need more than 140 characters to get your point across.  Crave Local provides writers, businesses, bloggers, and local enthusiasts a place to write their stories and share it with others.


Create Your Account in 5 Easy Steps:


Step #1:

Review our Content Submission Guidelines: These guidelines are put in place to protect and benefit not only the integrity of the community, but also its members.


Step #2:

Sign up for your free account


Step #3:

Create your profile:  Link up your social media accounts, personal website, and create a short, friendly bio.  This will show up at the bottom of each of your stories.


Step #4:

Add a new story:  Once logged in, you can create new stories and submit for publishing.  We suggest originating your unique stories in Word or another similar processing software.  Web pages do not save a draft the same way that desktop software does, and you can easily lose all of your hard work due to a power outage or loss of internet connection. Protect your work by always saving in a document first!


Step #5:

Check on your work:  Once your story is submitted, it goes into queue for 48 hours in which time you have an opportunity to make any edits you may want.  Our editors will look over your story to make SEO edits or provide feedback and/or questions we may have for you to complete your post.
You can monitor the progress of your story in your My Account page.


If you still have questions, please refer to our FAQ page for further information.




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