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About Us

We buy things every day, sometimes out of necessity, other times because we see the value.

Our mission:  To help people make better buying decisions.

Since 2008, Crave Local has been a trusted source educating consumers online regarding products, businesses, and services worth trying.

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The Crave Local Experience

Our community is all about discovering new, innovative businesses that satisfy our core values:

  • Products that are good for you
  • Make life easier
  • Eco-friendly
  • Give back to the community

Our team thoroughly tests each product/service, making sure our audience receives the best opportunity to make a quality purchase.

Once vetted, we introduce these businesses to our audience through video demonstrations, descriptive editorials, and instructional photography.

In the end, we educate people about what to buy, how to make, and where to find products and services that make life sweet.


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