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How to Get Tasted, Touched, and Talked About

The most important aspect(s) to growing brand awareness and educating potential buyers about what makes you special generally starts with getting a sample into their hands and mouths. You could consider getting professional help to build you brand from established companies such as NGP IMC services who can help you every step of the way.

There are simple ways that you can get your business name out there. Some businesses look to using things like Custom Water bottles – an item that gets their name out and might make people curious to know what they are about. But this isn’t the only way that businesses try and get their name out. There are multiple methods like social media marketing that use these platforms in order to get a larger audience to view the business content or products. This can be exaggerated when businesses use things like Task Ant to improve their social media following on platforms like Instagram, by curating hashtags specifically towards the niche and wants of the product and consumer.

This is usually accomplished during industry conventions and consumer tasting events, but after the show, you still need to keep your brand top of mind. What if they missed you? Lost your card? What if…that distributor didn’t choose you? All is not lost! You can still connect, and people can still get to know and love your brand!

Everyday, millions of consumers ask questions on social media like:

What’s the best city for a foodie vacation?

Where should we eat when we get there?

What should I make for dinner?

What is the best cocktail recipe to serve at my Super Bowl party?

Which wine should I buy? Which cheese goes with it?

These, and other lifestyle choices, are asked, researched, and answered all day long in conversations with friends, family, and social connections on Twitter and Facebook. Timing is everything, and opportunities are all around you.

Consumers are reaching out. They want you to be there for them. Brand interactions have become an emotional experience, and a part of everyday life! Is your brand part of these conversations?

Old school marketing companies will tell you that there is no way to generate ROI from social media. Instead, ask them when the last time was that a magazine ad created a conversation. Better yet, can you really prove how many people read (much less saw) your ad on page 16?

On the web, you can see up-to-the-minute details about how many people retweeted your last hashtag, went to your website, or talked about tasting your brand. (“It was delicious!”) You can engage with them directly. You can be helpful. You can be awesome. A print ad can’t talk back.

If your brand needs help growing or understanding how, when, and what to say in online conversations, we can help.

Together, our team regularly generates over 40 million impressions for our brand partners, reaching over 400,000+ accounts…that’s just on Twitter. Consumers want to to hear from you, about you, and share you. Help them do that, in the #1 way they’re communicating – on the web.

Word of mouth has changed, and moved into the digital age. Where does your brand fit into the mix? Something like branded video content can be a great way to grow your following and get your name heard through the means of social media channels.

Consumers are ready to be empowered. We can help you do just that. One of the leading beverage brands in the country told us that in less than a day, we accomplished what they wanted-for the entire year. This is the power of social and web.

Here’s a screen shot of the closing remarks on our last Twitter Party.


We also trended on Twitter, beating out Miley Cyrus. This could be you.

Top Twitter Trending Chats

If you need help reaching buyers, want to trend on Twitter, want to learn about what a Google Hangout is, or just want to know what the best food shows are in the country, talk to us. We’re here to help.