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Crave Local’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Writing with Crave Local:

1: Why do I have to write unique content?

Google has recently changed it’s algorithms to detect when content has been copied or is close to an exact copy of something written either somewhere else or by someone else. This doesn’t make Google want to share this information with others as it feels it is not new, therefore, not good for the reader. When a website is consistently submitting duplicated content to Google through RSS feeds and crawlers, Google eventually begins to de-rank both the site that is publishing the content and potentially the site that it originated from as they see this source as the spammer.

2: Why doesn’t my profile show up in the Ambassador’s page?

Everyone that signs up to contribute on Crave Local starts off as a Subscriber until they have at least 3 published articles under their name and have proven they can write unique, engaging content. After this has been accomplished, we will change your status to contributor and your profile will be shown within the Ambassadors page.

3: What is the difference between a Subscriber, Contributor, Ambassador?

The easiest answer is access. Subscriber is the entry level that everyone starts off at. Once you have a few stories under your name, we then move you up the ranks to contributor role, making you more visible to the public within our network and providing opportunites to be featured on our homepage and email newsletters.

Our Ambassadors are hand selected by our editorial staff to represent Crave Local in their cities. We may send them out on assignments, send products, travel/destination coverage, and other opportunities to go out and experience things under the Crave Local brand name. This selection is based on consistency, proven writing capabilities, and overall voice of the individual.

4: Do I get paid for writing with Crave Local?

Crave Local is a website that provides writers with the ability to leverage our audience reach in order to improve their own personal exposure and build their online voice. We do not pay for contributed content.

However, as your voice grows within the Crave Local network, we may find opportunities to pay you based on client requests, skill sets, and/or local opportunities.

Examples: local photo shoots, product advertorials, travel advertorials, launch party ads, and other content promotions.

5: Why do I need to include photos?

After years of researching SEO and social marketing (as well as running through many a local SEO checklist), our team has learned a valuable lesson… People and search engines love photos. Because of this knowledge, it is mandatory to at least provide a feature photo (max 800×800 pixels) with every story. Video is also a great way to boost the potential viability of your story so when possible, include a video within the story. But, you shouldn’t forget about your link building, having one pucture on the page is great for the on-page SEO, but you also have to consider the off-page SEO too. If you’re not so ‘with it’ regarding your off-page SEO, you may want to check out a company similar to Ram Digital for this solution.

If you have any other questions involving your profile or writing with Crave Local, please contact us.