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#BevChat: A Twitter Party About All Things Beverage

What is #BevChat?


#BevChat is a once a month (or more!) Twitter Party/Twitter Chat about all things beverage, hosted from our Twitter handle @CraveLocal.


What do you talk about on #BevChat?


From high tea, to travel inspired drinks, seasonal recipes and pairings, the story behind wines from Spain, California, and France, how terroir can influence the way everything from cheese to wine tastes, we like to call #BevChat “Twitter Edu-tainment!” It’s a little bit of education, and a whole lot of fun!


Get ideas on trendy cocktail and mocktail recipes for your next party, tips on how to choose the right juicer, and recipes for shakes and smoothies to help you shed a few pounds. #BevChat truly is the must attend Twitter Party any beverage enthusiast!


Learn Tips, Tricks, and Win Awesome Prizes!


Do you love to learn new cooking tips, cocktail recipes, party ideas, wines, and new products to try?


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Who Participates In #BevChat?

Participants include sommeliers, cocktail enthusiasts, food and beverage buyers, distributors, bartenders, authors, social media influencers, WAHMs, WAHDs, bloggers, journalists, and media professionals.


What’s Your Reach?

This figure varies, and can scale according to our clients needs. With a team of expert Twitterers at our helm, we pack a punch in the Twitterverse. Typically, #BevChat generates 40-60 million impressions for the party, and another 20 million impressions throughout the month.  Our debut chat reached approximately 42 million impressions, and trended as #1 on Twitter, with subsequent chats reaching an even larger audience, ready to learn and have fun! For our Oscars party, over 700 people participated live for the event (average Twitter party attendance is 20-100 persons)! 





How is #BevChat Structured?

The format of #BevChat is simple: We start with a topic, generally beverage related, and ask a series of open ended questions to stimulate conversation. Unlike other chats that try to drive traffic back and forth from their websites, we only suggest links. After all, this is a party, not a treasure hunt. We like to keep our guests focused and entertained, not wandering around on the internet.




I Want to Sponsor #BevChat!

Want to learn about the next #BevChat, or participate as a sponsor? Send an email and tell us about your brand.


From hotels and travel destinations, consumer goods, automotive and transportation, to food and beverage regions and brands, there’s a fit for many verticals in the #BevChat conversation.



Upcoming #BevChats

Coming Soon!


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